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The Trainer in Training Immersion Program, fondly referred to as the TNT Program, began in 2008 in Espanola. This program is an immersion into the experience of being a Teacher Trainer much as the Level One Immersion is an immersion into becoming a teacher. Each TNT has the opportunity to work personally with students in profound ways both during the program and afterwards. At every level of the Academy – Intern, Associate and Professional – the TNT is challenged and supported to grow in their individual goals towards competency and teaching skills. Each TNT will develop an Immersion IDP (Individual Development Plan) with their mentor that includes defined goals for the TNT Program.

How did this program begin? KRI had recognized that there was a growing need for Level One Programs and Level One Trainers in areas of the world where no Trainers reside and developed the TNT Immersion Program to serve our global community. The first year KRI welcomed 12 TNTs from around the globe.

Since then the Program has developed into a Training Program including TNTs from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Poland, South Africa and the United States. These TNTs have brought their new knowledge and skills back to their cities and countries and to their local Teacher Training Programs. The TNT Program is an opportunity to form relationships and build community among TNTs from around the world.


As a member of the TNT Program, you begin your training before the Immersion participants arrive for the program. The Training Program for TNTs begins Tuesday, July 30, 2019, at 12:00 pm and ends on Friday, August 2, 2019, at 5:30 pm. These training days will prepare you for the Immersion program and will focus on your development as a trainer as well. The Immersion program begins on Saturday, August 3, 2019. The Immersion closing is on Thursday, August 29 with the students leaving the next day. The TNTs will have a de-brief on Friday, August 30, and are available to depart on August 31.

Tuesday, July 30 - Friday, August 2: TNT Training Week, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served. (Begins with at 12:00 pm with lunch on Tuesday, July 30)
Saturday, August 3: Immersion students arrive.
2:00 PM: TNTs welcome the students.
3:00 PM: Immersion Orientation at the Langar Hall
August 3 - August 30: KRI Immersion Program - details of your responsibilities are below
Friday, August 30 - TNT Debrief 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, includes an outing to Santa Fe
In order to apply to the TNT Program, you must be a member of the KRI ATA (Aquarian Trainer Academy). If you want to apply to the Aquarian Trainer Academy, please complete your Academy application before you apply to the TNT Program.

ATA members may apply to be a part of the TNT Program, by completing the following application. You will also be required to forward a letter of recommendation from your Mentoring Lead Trainer to TNT Coordinator Adarsh Kaur at adarsh@kriteachings.org. If you have questions before applying, please contact Adarsh Kaur. After reviewing your application, Adarsh Kaur will contact you to schedule a phone or Zoom interview and may also speak directly to your Mentoring Lead.

If you are accepted into the TNT Program, you will be provided with a code for registering and paying on line and you will be sent an information packet and pre course assignments to prepare for the TNT Program. You will need to coordinate with your Mentoring Lead to complete your Competency Evaluation Form and your Immersion Individual Development Plan in which you will set your goals for your participation in the Immersion Program. If you are an Associate or Professional and want to qualify for particular Units of Study, please indicate this both on your application and in your goals on your Individual Development Plan.
Adarsh Kaur can assist you in finding a Mentoring Lead Trainer if you do not currently have Teacher Training in your Area. One of the goals of the Immersion is to serve those who wish to become trainers and live in outlying areas where there are no trainers. You can reach Adarsh Kaur by email at adarsh@kriteachings.org
The program is designed to develop your skills, knowledge, and competency as a Trainer and to assist you in your development as a Trainer.

Knowledge of the Content of the Curriculum: You have the opportunity to attend all hours of the Immersion* which will give you exposure to Legacy Trainers who have been teaching in the Level One Training for many years. You will also be required to read the Aquarian Teacher and Master's Touch manuals before the program to help prepare you for your role.

Curriculum development and delivery: Depending upon your level in the Academy, you will have opportunities to teach and to develop curriculum.
▪ As an Intern in the academy, you will teach a practicum set to the class and participate in group processes and the mentoring of students;
▪ As an Associate, you will have the opportunity to teach up to two hours in front of the classroom and you will be asked ahead of time to prepare a curriculum for the Unit of Study that you will present;
▪ As a Professional you will have up to 4 hours of teaching time in the classroom and will be asked to prepare up to 2 Units of Study for review. *Each TNT will receive a schedule with allocated personal time off during each week. This is time to refresh and take care of personal needs.
Your participation in the TNT program begins in the Trainer in Training Week. During this week you will get to know your fellow TNTs, the Immersion Staff and some of the Trainers as you prepare for you Roles and Responsibilities during the Immersion. During the TNT week you will participate in workshops with Experienced Trainers to develop your knowledge of one or two specific Units of Study and to prepare you for all of your roles and responsibilities in the Immersion. The training that you will receive will support your deepening understanding of yourself as a trainer and give you insight into developing your competency and give you confidence to perform your duties during the Immersion. Following is a list of some of the workshops and experiences you may have in this week:

The Identity of a Trainer - What is different from being a Kundalini Yoga Teacher to being a Trainer? Handling the Difficult questions from Students Code of Excellence- How to present and represent the Code of Excellence (Ethics). How to work with student's concerns, fears, reactions and non adherence to the Code of Excellence

Practicum: You will learn the fine points of leading a successful practicum. How to evaluate a student teacher, what are the fine points of the Practicum Kriyas, how to give feedback, how to lead feedback. You will be assigned one of the practicum sets to lead during the week and will experience receiving feedback from the trainers and your peers.

Yogi Bhajan Videos: How to introduce and present a Yogi Bhajan Video, leading students through provocative discussion of the videos, how to handle student reactions to the Master. We will view one of the videos from the Immersion course and discuss as a group.

Competencies: All of the competencies, as defined in the Competency Evaluation Form, are important in your development as a trainer. (Click to download the form) During the Training week, we will elaborate on the competencies that will be important during your participation in the Immersion.
As a TNT you are an integral part of the student's experience as they develop into a Level One Instructor. Your job is to support the students, and in particular, the students in your small group, to successfully complete their training and become certified as a Level One Instructor. The Program Team will work with you to meet these goals. The residential portion of the TNT program is intense for many reasons: the days are very long beginning with a daily TNT meeting at 7:30 am and ending at dinner at 6:30 PM (you will be given time off during the week). You will go through your own challenges and growth as you participate in the course.

In addition to supporting the students in your group, you will support the program through administrative, logistical or audio/visual assistance.

Following the residential program, there is a five-month period, where TNTs continue to hold the space for the students to complete their certification requirements. TNTs will hold three conference or video calls with their small group as part of this support.

Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities during the residential program. Certain roles and responsibilities will differ depending on your level in the Academy: Intern, Associate, Professional)

1. Classroom Administration and Environment
▪ Work with Lead Trainer and/or Program Team to ensure the accuracy of content presentation
▪ Assist with audio/video
▪ Maintain a comfortable classroom environment.

2. Attendance and Participation in Meetings
▪ TNT daily check-in meeting
▪ Weekly TNT staff luncheon meeting
▪Weekly meeting with Immersion Mentor

3. Small Group Leader of Immersion Students
▪Daily Check-in with a small group
▪Daily attendance - morning and afternoon
▪ Coaching and Mentoring of Students through Certification including preparation for and grading exams, preparation, and evaluation of student Practicum, post classroom review of homework assignments, post course completion of requirements, at least three bridge line calls with students and supporting the students integration of the Immersion experience into their lives.
▪ Recommendation for Certification and sending completed forms to KRI

4. Teaching and Co-Teaching Practicum, Clinics, Yogi Bhajan Videos
▪ Practicum Demonstration in Classroom of Kundalini Yoga Set and meditation (all TNTs)
▪ Practicum Evaluation Feedback (Professionals)
▪ Small Group/Clinic/Yogi Bhajan DVD Facilitator
▪ Classroom Content Presentation (Associates and Professionals)

5. Leading sadhana on designated days. TNTs will also have assigned days to be on duty from 3:45 AM until 7 AM when breakfast begins. 6. Complete an Immersion IDP listing 2 or 3 Units of Study to work on and also identifying four responsibilities to strengthen during the course. As well as related competencies such as those listed below:
▪ Deepen understanding of the role of a teacher trainer; able to articulate and demonstrate through presence. (Spiritual & Self Development)
▪ Enhance the ability to remain neutral regarding difficult or confronting topics (Communication)
▪ Improve the ability to provide feedback to all Trainers within the Program (Teamwork)
▪ Develop a lesson plan for specific Content Credits (Trainer Delivery)
As a TNT in the Immersion you will complete a Competency Self Evaluation to be reviewed by your Mentor and then shared with the TNT Coordinator. You will select the competencies that you want to work with and strengthen at the Immersion and list these in your Immersion Individual Development Plan. The TNT Coordinator will support you in successfully completing your IDP.

Units of Study/Qualifying for Content Credits in the KRI Immersion Program:
1. By participating in the Immersion TNT Program all Interns, Associates and Professionals can qualify for up to 38 Content Credits.
2. Associates and Professionals have the opportunity to qualify for additional Content Credits in other Units of Study through teaching or co teaching course content.

1. TNTs with their Mentoring Lead will decide on 2 or 3 Units of Study they would like to qualify in and submit these options to the TNT Coordinator
2. The TNT Coordinator will chose one option and the TNT will be asked to prepare 2 curriculums on this Unit. One curriculum will cover the part of the Unit of Study that will be presented at the Immersion Course and will be reviewed by the TNT Coordinator. The second curriculum will cover the entire Unit of Study and will be reviewed by the Mentoring Lead.
The $500 fee for the TNT Program includes the cost of the TNT training week, all of your meals and materials, and participation in the full Immersion course.

The cost of housing accommodations is not included in this cost, and we can support you in finding affordable housing options.

After you have completed your application and had your interview with the TNT Coordinator, we will determine if you this is a program that will serve both your needs and the KRI program needs. If you are chosen for the program, you will receive an invitation with a registration code to register for the Immersion.


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