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For Regular Postal Service Only:
Your Name
c/o KRI Immersion
PO Box 1819
Santa Cruz, NM 87567

For FedEX or UPS Only:
Your Name
c/o KRI Immersion
29 State Highway 106
Espanola, NM 87532

Internet – There will be a computer accessible near the classroom for you to use and share with your fellow participants to check emails, etc. There is also free wi-fi near the classroom but it is not always reliable.

Snail Mail – will be delivered to KRI and distributed to the students as it comes in. There will be a designated place for students to drop off outgoing mail. Proper postage is required and stamps will be available for purchase.

A number for EMERGENCIES ONLY will be given to you before the Immersion starts. You can use this number to contact KRI, and you can give this number to your family in case they need to reach you. Messages are checked throughout the day. You will be notified promptly if we receive a message for you.

KRI Policy – If you bring a cell phone, computer, etc. KRI expects that you will keep any such devices turned off during class time.