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Immersion Bali



The following is a list of items we recommend you bring, which will help to make your stay more comfortable. Please note that in following with this yogic tradition you will be expected to where white clothing and a white head covering during your 2 practicums. You will not be expected to wear white during regular class time although you will see most of the staff wearing white every day.




Packing List:
Immersion Bali

    ◼ Yoga Mat or sheepskin!
    ◼ Meditation blanket or shawl
    ◼ Meditation Timer
    ◼ White cotton head covering
    ◼ Nice white clothing for 2 practicums
    ◼ Alarm clock
    ◼ Sleeping aids i.e. earplugs
    ◼ Day bag
    ◼ Bathing suit
    ◼ Hat or Sun visor, sun screen, and sunglasses!
    ◼ Water Bottle/Camelback
    ◼ Thermos for hot beverage with a lid
    ◼ Insect repellent
    ◼ Toiletries (including sunscreen, lip balm, lotion, toothbrush, etc.)
    ◼ Vitamins and/or medications, including immune support, digestive aid, sleep aid, something for sore muscles and any natural remedy you prefer over traditional, Western medicine such as Neosporin and Tylenol
    ◼ Notebook and pens for lectures