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As it is when I am in a place that has the intention of meditation, I don’t really ‘need’ an alarm clock. My physical body seems to know when to wake up. For most of the 30 days that I was at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, it was very easy for me to awake on time. There were also those mornings when my housemates, who were getting up for Sadhana, would make enough noise to wake all of us. But, I still had time to take my cherished cold shower. Yes, I actually enjoyed those showers! First applying the aromatic oil of almond all over my body, then briskly massaging myself in and out of the cold water. WOW! What a rush. The whole art of Ishnaan Therapy is a gift. I know I’m doing something healthy for my physical body. I also sense that my mental bodies are stimulated and cleared for morning Sadhana. There’s a kind of elevated enjoyment that comes from commitment. When I do tap into this commitment, I feel such a sense of joy and strength, which equals radiance. People tell me how radiant I look. That’s the presence of the gift that other people can ‘see’. What they are actually ‘seeing’ is that my Soul is smiling. It was a gift to me to be there in Espanola with so many beautiful and radiant Souls, ALL shining and smiling. Thank you. I worked hard, I faced some of my own insecurities, I took my practice deeper with your support, and I had a blast playing around and getting to know many of you. I have returned home with more clarity & strength, to the benefit of my yoga students. Sat Nam.

Mukanday Kaur