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The Immersion Course provides an opportunity to dive deeply into the philosophy and practice of Kundalini Yoga amidst a beautiful New Mexican setting, the place where Yogi Bhajan himself used to live. Espanola is today home to many of Yogiji’s first disciples. In a course of four weeks students have the opportunity to meet knowledgeable and compassionate mentors who will guide you on the journey of becoming a teacher. Participants not only get a glimpse of the more devotional practices during morning sadhana but they also have a chance to interact with the Espanola community and with fellow yogis from many parts of the world making the experience even richer. The course encompasses a wealth of knowledge and covers themes such as the yogic lifestyle, alignment, the psychosomatic effects of yoga, how to correctly perform pranayama, the secret behind kriyas, and how to improve mantra singing and pronunciation. I am very grateful that I embarked on this life changing adventure!

Irene Herrera, Japan/Venezuela