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I loved Kundalini Yoga the moment I stepped into Kundalini Yoga East, but I never dreamed of the journey this technology would take my spirit on. I debated for four years about taking the Immersion Level 1 course in Espanola, New Mexico. I made every excuse in the book as to why I would not be able to attend. My personal practice was becoming stronger and I felt every morning a voice, Yogi Bhajan, saying it is time. At first, I thought I couldn’t afford it right now but one day I released that fear and paid for the course over the phone. The next week I received a job in Canada that paid for the entire Immersion course! Now I had no excuses but a deep fear that I would be challenged and trained by the best and that my life would never be the same. Thank God I listened to that voice, because last summer, 2008, was an experience that would mark the rest of my life.

It was unreal to feel and be around such beautiful, enlightened spirits. Some of my highlights were: being around men who were on a higher conscious level and how each one of them played a healing role in teaching me what love, value, and character feels, looks, and represents. I opened my heart chakra and for about 3 days I cried all day while everyone around me honored my space, process, but also reached out when I needed support. That heart chakra work led me to my higher partner who came into my life in January 2009. Moe was my first love at age 13-15 but I hid my love due to family problems at home. It was a special moment at age 36 to be faced with my childhood love again. I did Kundalini Yoga with him on our second date. I have never felt so much love for a human being.

I also find time every week to sit and remember those mornings at the Immersion waking up with my fellow students and walking to morning sadhana together. I am a creative spirit so I thrived on those projects where we were able to use our personal talents to understand ourselves and Kundalini Yoga better. This course has changed my life both in my career and personal life, and I am happier, healthier, and holier from it!

Sat Nam,
Sangeeta Kaur
“Heather Ferri”, Canada