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The immersion course I attended in Espanola in August 2008 was a life changing experience. Six months later I am still feeling, and living, the positive effects of the teachings. Thanks to all.

Wahe Guru,
Bob Bauer, North Carolina

Heart & Soul

We came to learn and be
The teachings of YogiJi’s
The days were long, the nights short
Yet we always had one another’s support
Friends from far away places
All with soulful eyes and smiling faces
Mantras and kriyas all throughout the day
We heard what the master had to say
In just 26 days, I became we
To think it all starts with a cold shower at 3:00
Sadhana came next, set the tone for the day
We know in our heart, Kundalini is THE WAY.

Bob Bauer, North Carolina